14 Indian Decor Ideas that will add Charm to your Home


While the entire world is busy getting contemporary decor to their home, what we often forget is our rich heritage and decor. Indian decor is rich in color, heritage; bestowing your home a cozy and warm effect.

Take a look at these 14-ways to infuse Indian decor into your home, and keep your space extraordinary!

1. Vibrant Color


The very basic to infuse Indian decor in your home is to paint the rooms with warm and vibrant colors like saffron, mustard, and red.

2. Minimalism


Indian decor doesn’t mean having a loud interior. Your home should have the perfect balance of raw energy and minimum decor.

3. Wooden Furniture


Handcrafted wood furniture is unique and beautiful, giving your home a much needed Indian look. Additionally, wood furniture is durable and low maintenance and carries a rustic appearance.

4. Indian Baithak


Make your living room down to earth by embracing Indian style baithaki arrangement. Just place a medium sized mattress, and cover it with beautiful Jaipur-style bed cover and cushions. You can team it up with small sized ottoman to complete the look.

5.Play with Layers


Being in a tropical region, you will get abundant of cotton fabrics readily available at your disposal. Instead of going with the usual satin or chiffon material curtains, opt for bright and vibrant chanderi, or khadi material curtains.

6.Vintage Mirror


We all have inherited one of those old mirrors that our grandparents/parent possess. Display them in the entryway or near the living room to add an Indian touch to your home.

7.Chandelier and Lantern


Indian decor boasts lights! Play with beautiful chandelier and lanterns to create a mystery in the room.



Swing is one of the key element when it comes to Indian decor. And let me tell you this, no other decor style boasts indoor swing other than traditional Indian decor. Keep a wooden indoor swing in the living room and see how it changes the look of the room.

9.Block Print Fabric


India is one of the largest markets which aggressively boasts handloom materials. Opt for block printed fabrics when it comes to bedsheet and curtains, to make your home look more India like.

10.Wooden Folding Screen

10 (2)

Create some mystery in the room by placing a wooden folding screen which also works as a room divider. These folding screens or panels bestows a timeless effect in the room.



Opt for Indian mural to give your home an Indian touch.



If you have visited any palace in India, then one thing you must have seen – ‘self-portrait.’ Instead of photo frames in and around the house, opt for a life-size self-portrait of the family. This would surely add a royal charm to your home.

13.Wooden Headboard.


While buying a bed, opt for one with a wooden headboard. This way, you can bring in the Indian charm to your home.

14.Handcrafted Entrance Door


Handcrafted door is one of the most beautiful features of Indian decor. Opt for one, to give your home a much needed Indian charm.

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